A photo from my “flower collection”

Pink miniature rose

Taking pictures of flowers is my specialty, I think. I know you will love this miniature rose. 11X14 deluxe photo mounted. Only $69.95 for this beautiful photo.


This is one of my favorite flower photos. A miniature rose, close-up, so that it now looks like a full sized flower.

Night photography now one of my favorite things:

This photo taken while I take the dog for a walk. Love the effect.

Sunset in the mountains:

Fence going up to the Sunset

This print will be an 11X14 photo, mounted for durability, and printed on a Matte finish paper. This will look great on your wall.


Going for a drive up in the mountains, caught this sunset that I liked with the fence. “Leading lines” is one of my favorite ways to do composition.

Twilight instead of sunsets?

Twilight over the lake

A sunset over the Great Salt Lake with the twilight colors to make it more beautiful. This photo will come printed with a beautiful matte finish, and mounted on a mounting board. 11X14 deluxe print.


The blues and purples in the later parts of sunset, makes this for a great photo.


While spending time at the Ogden botanical center, I captured this photo with the fog moving in.

Another night photo. The sky is a little lighter because the moon is up.

Fall leaves with frost

Fall leaves with frost

A beautiful capture of fall leaves coated with ice storm Available in 11X14 mounted photo, printed with Matte finish. Always has been a popular photo.


A photo of fall leaves with the first ice storm. A unique photo of the hazards of the weather, that turns out beautiful.


The road to serenity

If you love the peaceful feeling of being up in the mountains, this is one that got me as well. The quiet, the beauty all in one place.

The Road to Serenity

A beautiful view in the mountains with a road leading only to more beauty. 11X14 mounted photo in matte finish


The honeybee and the flower

Another beautiful flower photo. This time with a special friend. I love capturing the bees on the flowers busily making honey for us to enjoy.

Honeybee and the flower

This flower photo is even more special because of the honeybee on the flower, busy at work creating honey for us. A special print in 11X14 mounted in matte finish.


Tomato frenzy

A special photo of harvest time. The perfect photo for the kitchen, and at a special size and price:

Tomato Frenzy

Here is the perfect photo for the kitchen. A special size and price for this photo. 8X10 photo, not mounted, in matte finish Larger prints available by request. Contact:


The mighty tree trunk

Capturing this tree trunk with a touch of fall just seemed magic. The detail and the weathering it has gone through made this stand out for me.

The mighty tree trunk

Amazing weather photo of a tree trunk with a touch of early fall. Perfect for your cabin, den, or where ever you want it. 11X14 photo printed on matte finish, and then mounted for easy framing


Tulip magnificent

This tulip is one of those special types of photos, I think they call it a “double tulip”. Certainly a beauty, and worth hanging on the wall.

Tulip magnificent

A special double tulip that is a wonderful beauty. Done originally on film, and details are great! 11X14 print in matte finish, and mounted.


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