Twilight instead of sunsets?

The blues and purples in the later parts of sunset, makes this for a great photo.

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This is a well timed photo of a Sunset / Twilight photo taken of the Great Salt Lake in Utah at the perfect time. The colors are rich, the detail is amazing, and this is an art photo that everyone has loved over the years.

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Lanny Cottrell has been involved in photography for a long time. Initially starting as a salesman in a photography start in Utah, back in the 80’s. Eventually becoming a store manager for the photo store, he worked on providing a “Photo Class” for all new camera owners. He worked with crowds of up to 30 people to provide valuable instruction on how to use their cameras, accessories and everything else photo.

The photo store eventually sold out, and he moved onto to other endeavors. That means he was employed by other people who loved his talent with working with people and moved into other business ventures.

In 2015, Lanny still loved photography so much that he thought it would be fun to keep his dream alive by starting a blog. This blog started out as this website: . He eventually found a site that he liked working better with and developed his current website: . Thousands of blogs, and different blogs all related to photography. Now with a following of over 41,000 followers, people all over the world are looking forward to learning about photography.

With all that training you can bet he knows how to take amazing photos. This one photo is just a sample of the many great photos he has taken.


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